Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Marguerite Show

So, basically she can recognize all of the letters but will not grant you the satisfaction of hearing her recite them. She is not one to perform tricks on command, dashing my stagemothering tendencies. She will start to count but if you prompt her, she loses interest and does something else. Maybe she will oblige you every now and then, but leaves you hanging when you start enjoying yourself. It can be identifying letters, animals, vehicles, body parts, etc. "What's this letter (I point to the letter A)?" Marguerite answers accordingly. "And this one?" Marguerite indulges ol' mom once again. She stops at C though. I know she knows which one is C because she gives it to me when I ask for it. Same with the other letters, but it never happens in one go. (Side note: For some reason her favorite letters are A, B, E, I, M, O, V, and Y.) She will dance when she wants to. Or sing, or jump, or do anything we all get so excited about, but the message is clear. She is not here for our entertainment. She gets hammy and all wonderchild, but like Eddie Vedder, she says it's not for you. Just let her do what she will.

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