Monday, April 21, 2008

A Weekend

First, Marguerite finally had her 18th month well-baby check-up a few days before her 19th month (she turns 19 months on Earth Day). It had simply been one thing after another (her actual 18th month was Black Saturday, the one after that, Husband was besieged by pharyngitis, and then he had to work on something... obviously, well-baby checkups are an entire family affair for us), but last Saturday, we finally did it. She was scheduled to have her 5-in-1 booster (no, I only learned about immunization options after the first primary shots. Otherwise, I would have decided to opt out of HepB. Thanks to the big Rotavirus debate, I was forced to learn more about vaccination.). Anyway, I told our pedi that I would really prefer to delay the boosters and she was supportive of this. So, basically, Marguerite is healthy except for an inherited case of skin asthma (from Husband, mine is actual asthma, which hopefully she does not inherit) and we're shifting to milder, more natural products to deal with that. She's developing well. She's in the 95th percentile when it comes to height, weight is just about average ... (Neither husband nor I were chubby babies, but you should see us now, sigh).

In the afternoon, we watched the Foundation Day parade of our city. See, Marikina has two festivals (Angkan-angkan and Rehiyon-rehiyon) that pay tribute to its citizens. In the summer, we celebrate the foundation of Marikina by honoring the pioneering families (one of which I belong to - my mother's family is pure marikeƱo), and in December, as we celebrate the anniversary of Marikina's becoming a city, the focus shifts on to citizens who are originally from elsewhere. Anyway, I endured the long parade (almost two hours), most of the time carrying Marguerite in a hotsling (ah, the gorgeousness of babywearing - my article came out yesterday, btw), waiting for my clan to pass by. Wouldn't you know it, they did the lineup alphabetically and mine was Santos "Supok" (you know you're from Marikina if you're known by your ancestor's nickname). "Supok" means burned or charred. My great-grandfather had an accident with a dynamite he was making, hence the "lovely" nickname. Anyway, it was worth the wait because our clan's part in the parade rocked. We had a gigante (an enormous effigy) of Vicente "Enteng Supok" Santos (who's got an actual street named for him here - he was also a town official in his day) and a sort of dragon dance with the dancers bearing a giant version of the fated dynamite instead of a dragon and our own band! Anyway, we decided to see through the end of the parade with the motorcade of the local officials.

Enteng Supok

Mayor Fernando waves at Marguerite.
Afterwards, we went to Serendra where my sister-in-law had a booth at a bazaar in Fully Booked. Marguerite got to play with another toddler named Iya, all very ships that pass in the night. Mark bought a shawl for his own rebozo because he claims the one I made from a sari makes him look too much like Sinbad (whatever). Well, he got a brown plaid which is a good deal less flamboyant (whatever).

Late Sunday afternoon, we went for a leisurely drive around town and then let Marguerite run around and play with grass and dirt at the sports complex. We also stopped by a quaint little bakeshop called Bethlehem, which gave me an opportunity to show off my trove of knowledge (dorkiness, Husband qualifies), "Quick, Mark, tell me why it's called Bethlehem!" Husband, who played hooky from Sunday School a lot, did not know and did not care to know, but I still crowed, "Cuz Bethlehem means House of Bread!" I then launched into a long lecture about names of places and their meanings, like Bethel means House of God, because, you see "Beth" means house and... Sigh. I'm sure you agree with Husband now, lol.

The whole time this is happening I'm squelching a knee-jerk reaction to stop her from touching dirt. Just one of the things from my own upbringing I have to overcome, sigh.


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