Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marguerite Turns 19 Months on Earth Day

Marguerite woke up early yesterday, thanks to my dad who let loose with two thundering sneezes right outside our bedroom. Anyway, I took the chance to bring her to the river parks for an early morning pretend-constitutional. They're all walking distance from our house. I got my mom to leave her caregiving (to Chip) post for an hour or so to go with us. Slathered Marguerite with Bioneem (bug repellent) and we were out the gate in no time. We headed for the skating rink, the center of which is a mini-zoo. The zoo would have been really great except that it smelled really funky. Best to observe from ten yards away. It had crows and monkeys, which made us miss Subic, and owls, an eagle, some other birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, etc. I think the animals' quarters could also be improved. I certainly hope they have somebody qualified taking care of those creatures.
We walked on to the other side of the Marikina bridge (not across the river) where there were lots of other babies and toddlers catching the early morning rays (the skating rink area is mostly senior citizens' turf). I'm so pleased that Marguerite is super-friendly (I wasn't at all, as a kid). She greets everybody "hi!" and waves "bye!" when we take our leave.
It would have been awesome to have property on the riverfront. My mom's house when she was growing up was right near the river (Both of her ancestral homes were a stone's throw away from the river - one became a grocery store and the other became a street. The family moved on farther away from the camino, the main street which was pretty much the trade center back then, to an area formerly known as bukid or fields. Now, our property is the only one that is purely residential on our very commercial street. Ah, progress). The river area was not such a great place before with the floods and the quicksands and the undesirable wildlife. With the vision of a former mayor, everything in Marikina, especially the river, became better a hundred-fold. Old time business owners initially complained about the tax increase, but we all saw where the money went and come on, it was just too ridiculous. All the transformation happened in the '90s and it seemed that prior to that, they were paying the same amount of tax as they had been in the '40s. Anyway, a riverfront property would be nice, but preferably about a block away from the happening night scene (lots of bars and restaurants there now too). I'd really love to have a riverfront home. Anybody selling? Wait, scratch that. Considering our budget, anybody giving their property away?
If anything, I'm thrilled about all the awesome additions to our fair city. Gas is so expensive nowadays that we might have to limit our expeditions within it. It certainly wouldn't be a terrible thing. Remember what Thoreau said? You don't? Okay, he said to explore your backyard, but in a more writerly way. Anyway, I have to get off the net soon so I leave you with this unsolicited whatnot: walk and bike when you can.

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