Saturday, April 5, 2008

Deliver Us From Germs

Hi. Marguerite is healthy, but her parents aren't. Mark's got it worse. Horrible sore throat. Fever. Skipped going to the office only to have work follow him home (If Mohammed won't go to the mountain...) and is consequently worse off for it (Not that I want anybody to feel bad about it or anything, but he was feeling a wee bit better yesterday morning, but having to spend time in front of two computers made him relapse to beyond the point from which he started). At least it's the weekend. Bad thing though is he has insisted on being put on antibiotics (this one is okay with the drugs, eh?) because he is perfectly miserable. Thank goodness we've been doing baby signs with our daughter because it hurts the poor man to talk and he has been signing to communicate (water, eat, more...). He can't eat (sends back bowls of soup after a few sups), but I've been plying him with copious mugs of hot tea and warm water with lemon and honey. He is also gargling Bactidol at two-hour intervals. Hopefully one of these methods work.


lalab said...

I pray that Mark gets better soon. Well, i'm kind of sore too today.. blaming it on exreme heat i think..
God bless you, ivy.

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, lalab. hope you feel better too

maf said...

hi ivy,

been a long time since i last visited your blog...monthend cutoff, duh! :=)
missed you yesterday in church but was also happy to see Sis Dol again in a slimmer figure now. :-) amidst the cloudy skies, let's always look at the silver lining...there always is...i learned this from my favorite stuart little...
good thing there was midge, too. she cuddled george again...really funny coz antonella was able to recognize george and really grabbed it from midge...oh so cute. you should have seen it with midge really frowning. lol!
anyway, i pray mark is much better now and really hope to see you next sunday, guys.
regards to chipi. i know she has shown lots of improvement. praise God!
till then,