Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here I Make Good on a Promise

Remember several aeons ago when I blogged about the birds Marguerite got for her birthday? Didn't I promise to go out "later" and take their picture? You probably thought I'd never deliver on that promise and you were almost right. It was pure chance that made me finally take their picture. A really awesome thing happened last Monday. We had a visiting lovebird that decided to hang out with our own birds for an hour or two that morning.

The girls from my grandmother's house were the first to notice the visitor. They said that it was exactly like Marguerite's lovebirds. When I went out to the garden to take a look, I noticed that it was a bit different, however. I saw that its eyes were different with a white ring around each one and its colors were also more vibrant. I immediately went inside to google if this was indicative of a disease, but the white ring feature led me to identify the kind of lovebird it was. What we have are peachfaced lovebirds, while our feathered stranger (a welcome one definitely) was a Fischer's lovebird. It flew around, but mostly stayed near the kamias tree, the caged (poor envious things) birds, and the birdhouse.

We've been looking out for it, but it has not returned yet. We hope it's okay. I wanted to catch it, but I think leaving food and water out for it would be a better arrangement and it is also possible that it would go back to its owner. Some birds are trained to do that. Anyway, it was a magical experience for city people who hardly ever see anything flying freely except for sparrows and pigeons. It reminded me of the time when a stray owl landed on our eaves when I was a kid. I, of course, wanted to keep it, but the people from the corner house came over to claim it. I'm sure now that it was illegal to keep it, but those same people used to keep a monkey too.

Anyway, here are Marguerite's lovebirds.

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