Thursday, March 6, 2008

All the Time

I used to find it cheesy how nowadays when the worship leader exclaims "God is good!", the congregation shouts back "All the time!" because of that song. It mostly bothers me because I'm a creature of habit and always still shout "Amen!" since, come on, that is what has always been shouted in worship when you agree to something.
But the thing is, yes, God is good all the time. Just in case you didn't know, God's goodness is with us ALL THE TIME. And, yes, I mean, even at this difficult time in our lives.
Take yesterday for example.
The socket-thing near our bed, I don't know the technical term, but there was a loud ZZZZZT!!! and the power fluctuated for a moment. I was on the desktop at that time in the middle of writing an article I hadn't saved yet. There didn't seem to be anything untoward after that, but I couldn't rest easy. My Mom asked the people at my grandmother's house if they experienced the temporary fluctuation as well and they said "no". We were all non-technical-mechanical-minded females in the house at that time, two of which were a baby and a temporary invalid. My Mom began to smell something burnt. We looked for the source. I threw open our bedroom door and voilĂ ! The smoke began pouring out. I called the city's emergency number (161) and told them what was going on while yelling for Mom to turn off the main switch. We couldn't see a fire, but something was definitely burning. Mom turned off the main switch, but turned it back on again because it was dark and then, for some momentary loss of good sense, she began unplugging everything and when she saw the blackened outlet, she began to unplug appliances from that, too. I didn't know she was doing that in our room, just that she went back in. I was still on the phone when there was suddenly a loud POP! and our bedroom glowed orange from within for a moment. So, anyway, Mom did experience a mild burn on her hand, but God was still protecting her because she was able to drop the plug quickly enough. So, anyway, the city electricians came over and I won't go into the details of what went wrong (socket too big for the plug, room to wobble in, causing friction, thus burn - sigh). But it occurred to me, I was taking a nap shortly before that happened. I only woke up because I received a call and had to go online to work. Marguerite was also in the room just minutes before that happened. Anyway, do you see it? Is God good or what? If you must know too, I turned the computer back on and the article was retrieved through the Auto-recover-auto-save-whatever feature of Word.
Also, my Dad came home last night with Chip's thyroid scan/uptake scan results and they indicated that her thyroid activities were all within normal. We still have to show it to my sister's endocrinoligst, but my physician cousin took a look at it and his evaluation was good too. The situation is really very confusing and even if we don't understand anything at all, we know that God is in control and we do not need to worry.
*Edited to add: My Dad just got back from the endocrinologist and Chip is, in fact, hyperthyroid. The size of her thyroid is normal, but there are small nodules around it. I'm glad that we didn't get too excited about what we read since we knew we're in no way equipped to evaluate the scan at all. It doesn't change the fact that God is in control. Hopefully, we can find out soon how this situation looks in the big picture.


tin said...

God is really good! I'm glad you're all ok. It could be a reminder. Giving you the assurance that He's right there to take care of you.


Anonymous said...

How scary! I'm glad nobody's hurt.