Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spinning Marguerite

There's a whole lot of spinning going on in my life right now (I will not elaborate; that's not really the point.). And then there's my 17-month-old Marguerite. You know how toddlers are like little drunks? They totter and stagger and misgauge huge, unmoving objects and bump into them and actually fall down laughing while you watch with your heart in your throat. They keep on doing that and you are perpetually trying to keep your entire chest down, but then they discover spinning and twirling and they just crank up the excitement to whole new levels. You cannot stop her, of course, so you think of moving to a world made of rubber foam.
(Side note: You try to join her in the spinning because you think that it would be great to share in her fun, but you know how drunks are fearless and revel in being at the exact center of a madly rotating world while people with vertigo are just plain dizzy and need to lie down?)


lalab said...

hahahaha...i am picturing you and midge now.. :)
Last Sunday i had my pleasure of turning and turning while playing with was Jaimee who had the hard time because midge was giggling and liking the idea of me hovering and turning around and surprising her..uh-oh..i hope i didn't trigger her to do such...hahahaha...midge is just so adorable whatever she does...Muah! that's for her... :)

praying for you too ivy... :)

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, lalab, and don't worry; she's been doing it for a while now. :)