Monday, February 4, 2008

November Flowers Rock

I do like chrysanthemums, but I wouldn't say they were my favorite flowers. Given the chance, I would have opted for something else for a "birth flower" (or even a birth stone - Topaz? Again, okay, but, hmmm, I guess I have a hard time making the color yellow define me). As tisanes go though, I love chrysanthemum tea. My entire family drinks at least a glass a day. I even give my daughter a sip now and then, the doctor says it's fine to do that (living with me, Marguerite is probably going to be a tea lover as well). I personally prefer the drink cold. Instead of steeping dried flowers though (my sister-in-law did once give me a bag of dried flowers for tea from China although I'm not sure if they were chysanthemums), we use packed granules (combination flowers and sugar cane) ready to be dissolved in water . We get boxes or cans of them from Ongpin stores. Like with most things herbal, we hope to enjoy not only the beverage itself, but its medicinal benefits as well. Chrysanthemums are said to be useful against a variety of ailments such as the flu, sore throat, liver problems, arterial problems, eyesight problems, et cetera, et cetera... I'll say that's flower power all right.


chamé said...

we have the same birth month Ivy :)

spinninglovelydays said...

that's cool! can we conclude then that most november borns are against conformity? :)