Monday, February 11, 2008

Because We Don't Celebrate Valentine's

That is why we're sending out Marguerite ecards and I baked heart-shaped sugar cookies and I'll probably sulk if Husband doesn't do anything special (jk!).
I told my husband when we first started dating that I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day because I'd always been taught that it was a pagan holiday. This means that I have never gotten anything for the day since 1997 and I never cared either. Having a child though makes you want to treat each day as a holiday. And also to take lots of pictures. I'm also thinking that the origins of Christmas and Easter were also pagan and yet we celebrate them, having altered the significance of the dates to pertain to Christian matters. I'm still not calling it Valentine's Day (because our faith doesn't recognize a St. Valentine) and I'm not fooling myself into thinking it's a Christian holiday, but I think I'll treat it as a special day (the ecard and baking have been done), a day of hearts and romantic love and, no, Cupid still won't have a place in it.
Because, you see, I really liked making those heart cookies.


Emy said...

you still have the heart shape cookies? looks yummy! hihihihi!

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, emy. thanks :) unfortunately, they'd been all gone before i even posted this entry.

maf said...

hi there!
those cookies look so cute and delightful! very creative!
marguerite's equally lovely in that pic! :-)

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, maf. how's the amazing antonella? :)

maf said...

well, super malikot na and nagngingipin...talkative pa! :=)