Monday, January 14, 2008

We Are Cutting Molars Here

Fever coming in spurts and then breaking out in a heat rash and being extremely fussy and screaming as though she wants the roof to cave in - those molars really know how to make an entrance. Thoughts coming in spurts and in a very random manner being conveyed in blog - this is all I can manage in the five minutes I'm allowed to go online, so if this post is incoherent, nobody's stoned, just sleepless and exhausted, is all.
Almost out of biter cookies. Will make some more. Recipes on (no time to embed link). All teethers and binkies in the fridge. Husband suggested making frozen juice chips (he read it somewhere). Lots of water to flush fever. No need to starve it (and I wouldn't) as appetite's low. Baking soda mixed in bathwater. Creativity seriously challenged by constant need for redirection. Does anybody know if it's okay to reuse Koolfever as I notice that the gel cools again? Bye.


YETTE said...

hello! just another homeschooling mom dropping by. have a wonderful day!

Jamie said...

Good luck! That does not sound fun! I will be dreading those teeth coming in for my little guy!

spinninglovelydays said...

No fun at all, Jamie :) A fever is nothing though. During my time, my mom said I had to be hospitalized because I was getting dehydrated from all the other "extras" of teething.
Hi, Yette. :)