Monday, December 3, 2007

When Sleeping During the Sermon Is Preferred

It is in Marguerite's case. Happy or upset, she's chatty. She has a babble for everything and don't think she does it in soft undertones too. She has a great pair of lungs, a great big voice, a collection of new words, and she's not shy about using all of them. If I want to hear the sermon in peace, the solution is to encourage her to sleep. Now, our church is very tolerant of children running amok inside. My Dad always says that he would prefer that they be running up and down the aisle or screaming the place down than to have them grow up outside the church. But just because the pastor has said that, it doesn't mean that I would let my child run up and down the aisle or scream until the ceiling caves in. So, the moment Marguerite starts to fuss, or sing (not during praise and worship), or talk to the people around us, I scoop her up and hotfoot it to the back. If she doesn't stop, I bring her outside until her noisy spell is over. So this just means that instead of a child running up and down the aisle, an adult, I, end up running up and down the side passage. That's for now, of course. When Marguerite becomes steadier on her feet, she wouldn't want to be restrained, so we'll have to be even more creative at finding engaging toddler entertainment.
Anyway, I haven't been updating lately since things have been rather toxic around here. It was Cousin Luigi's birthday on Friday (11 now... he used to be the baby around here, then came Yohann, then Marguerite). Saturday and Sunday were spent running around to prepare for Husband's trip to Hongkong. Sister is still sick (Allergies are evil... and this particular manifestation is just plain weird. First, she had horrible itching, then her muscles started acting up - like there was pressure from inside, making her limbs achy and restless - then the itching went away, but now she's very weak, her joints and muscles are sore - like a flu - but her temperature is normal and her skin never broke out into hives or anything. She has been taking a whole legion of drugs, so I tend to think that some of what she's feeling could be a side effect of the medication. If you have an idea what is going on here, please contact me at She has been to three different doctors and is also consulting a doctor cousin of ours over the phone - shameless relatives, hee! - but the ailment doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so if you think you could help, pls leave a comment or email me. Prayers for her are also welcome. TIA!)...
Husband left yesterday and won't be back until Sunday. I'm curious to see how Marguerite's going to react to the absence.

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