Saturday, December 8, 2007

Testing Faith

It's pretty easy to trust God to help you out of a jam, to get rid of a little ache, to grant a small request. When you go through something of life and death magnitude, you get to see just how real your faith is. Are you able to sleep? Can you remain steady and calm, having lifted all of your worries up to God? Does your mind still comprehend the fact that God's presence is with you, that He only gives you what you can bear, that He is in absolute control?
Going through this storm in our lives, there have been moments when I faltered, but God has always picked me up and given me a little shake, so much so that I am overcome with shame each time. When has God's goodness ever not been present in my life? Even when I drifted away, I still experienced His blessings and safekeeping, thanks to my parents who have been praying for me from the moment I was conceived. How many of my prayers have been answered through the years? Being my Dad's daughter, I've lived a life that testifies how powerful prayer is.
We still don't know what's really wrong with my Sister. They're still doing tests. We can be thankful that Guillain-Barré Syndrome has been ruled out. That was the initial diagnosis and my parents were told that it could prove to be fatal, but we're glad that they advised us to move her to a bigger hospital with the proper facilities for neurological treatment because then, after numerous testings, they've determined that it wasn't GBS after all. Now that they've seen that Chip's muscles and bigger nerves are fine, they're going to test the smaller nerves and her spinal cord. They do have the impression that the problem is with the spinal cord, but we'll see. In the meantime, I keep in mind that God is in control. Thanks to those who have expressed concern for my Sister and please keep on praying for her.
Side note: Naturally, I've had moments of tears lately, but whenever she'd see me crying, Marguerite would give me a hug or pat me on the arm. It's wonderful how a toddler could give me so much comfort. Now, if that isn't a blessing right there...

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