Sunday, December 16, 2007

Seussical End to a Week

I had a meeting in Makati last Friday and since I was already there, I decided to see the 3pm showing of Seussical the Musical in Glorietta. That day, Nikki Gil was being the Cat in the Hat. The entire show was lipsynched, but I still really liked it. I love theatre singing and I love musicals (I'm absolutely gaga over Les Misérables). I would love for Marguerite to see it, but she wouldn't have sat through the entire thing. Anyway, since I had to wait for Husband to get off from work, I saw the 6pm showing as well. It was a double treat because I bumped into my friend Nikka there and that was the first time I saw her since leaving Subic almost two years ago.
DSC_9684 DSC_9690 DSC_9700
Yesterday was our church's annual Yard Sale and Fun Day. I had to (wo)man my sister's booth a couple of times because she still got tired easily and had to lie down in the office every now and then. Marguerite and her friend Toni talked baby talk. They also got meet Kiwi the shih tzu. After that, we moved on to my sister-in-law's bazaar in La Vista for dinner. Husband the ultimate carnivore (must have steak!) had a monster burger.
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aunt chip said...

isn't midge just precious? anyway, thanks for (wo)manning my booth while i was having my dizzy spells yesterday.

spinninglovelydays said...

was happy to, but i didn't let michelle haggle. maybe i should have, but i didn't know how much we could take off, so...

Mindi said...

Hey. I'm glad your sister's better.

maf said...

i bought a lot during the yardsale, especially those of chip's accessories, bags and baby wear. So tired, as we still had dryrun after yardsale. :=) anyway, it was fun as we brought along antonella with us! i'm sure she enjoyed the day, much as we did. :=)