Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ethan Powell Is One Year Old

That, in itself, is a great blessing and miracle. We continue to pray for complete healing and we look forward to his next birthday.
Speaking of healing, my Sister is now confined in a hospital. We have no idea what's going on with her. What started out as a seemingly run-off-the-mill allergic reaction has progressed into what appears to be a pretty serious nerve condition. I appeal to you for prayers. If you know my sister, how boisterous and crazy she is, you'll realize how sad it is for us to see her practically paralyzed with pain. Every little movement hurts. It really breaks my heart to see her suffering. I hope that the doctors pinpoint the very root of this problem so that my sister can be properly treated.
Marguerite has been a bit clingy lately. I usually rock her to sleep (oh please, ferberizers, I'll gladly go on rocking her to sleep until we're both old and gray... if she'll let me) and while I can usually place her down when she has fallen asleep, nothing doing these days. She starts whimpering whenever I try to lay her down on the bed and clutches at my arms. So I lie down on the bed myself with her still in my arms and we stay that way until she rolls away. I really can't blame her. So many people are missing. Her Daddy's in Hongkong, her Nana and Aunt Chip are at the hospital. It's mostly just the two of us here lately. She's not used to that.
On a lighter note, here are some Marguerite anecdotes for her minions:
- The morning after Husband's flight, somebody must have brushed against his car so it squawked out an alarm, which sounded pretty much like the autolock. When she heard that, Marguerite exclaimed "Dada!"
- I was about to give her some banana chunks, when my Mom pointed out that there were peaches in the fridge. Marguerite heard her and wailed, "(some unintelligible syllable)NANA!" which we translated to "I want a banana!"
- Some mornings she's so cheerful, she wakes up blowing kisses to everybody.
There are more, but our subject is stirring. Please pray for Ethan Powell and my sister. TIA.

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