Friday, December 21, 2007

Eleven Years and Going Roaring Strong

Husband and I have been together for eleven years now. We don't have any other anniversary. We became a couple on Dec. 21, 1996; he proposed on Dec. 21, 2003; and we got married on Dec. 21, 2004. This should be a major day since it's pretty "consolidated", but things have been so crazy around here that we'll have to postpone celebrating until, well, until it's less crazy. I did get banoffee pie again. :)
I have not done any Christmas shopping, so unless I get it all done tomorrow, my loved ones will get their gifts after Christmas. I had planned to give all homemade stuff this year, but forget it. I have not even had time to make candy canes because I have to go the store to get flavoring (There isn't one in the nearby supermarket). Hopefully, I can make the candy, gingerbread cookies (the plan was an actual house for this year. Who knows? Maybe it's not yet too late), and figgy pudding before the holidays are over. Man, I just remembered all the other things I have to do. Pretty overwhelming. Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed in how the holidays are turning out - especially after the half-botched 1st party for Marguerite - for us and I have to keep on reminding myself that as a Christian, I should know what the true meaning of Christmas is and remember that all I'm moping about are pretty superficial. What's more important is that Chip gets better really soon.


emy said...

congrats on your 11th year =)

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, emy :)

maf said...

congrats ivy and mark!
keep on counting and stay in love!