Friday, November 30, 2007

We Are on the Way to Our Twilight

Sister is 27, but something she ate triggered a bout of rheumatism (as well as allergies). It started out as allergies, but soon graduated to allergies and muscle pain (We are not mentioning the stomach spasms, which she also had). She suffered for about a day before she finally went to the doctor. Before she did, she self-prescribed some meds, like Claritin and Benadryl, as well as rubbed all sorts of ointments and creams on herself. (Side note: I'm making dried apple slices at intervals. Gotta have the apple cinnamon scent around this time! When I pause from blogging, I'm grinding whole allspice using an ancient mortar and pestle.) She's not one for waiting for something to take effect. Anyway, in the past couple of days, she has been to three doctors, has had an injection or two, and has spent a small fortune on different types of meds, including steroids ("Chip, what about the SEA Games? They might not let you compete." She's vying for gold in the hula hoop event.). Anyway, she's getting better. With all the expenses, I really believe prayer was the one that did it.
I myself prefer consultations with the internet and herbs for whatever's ailing me, mainly because I'm a tightwad, but also because I believe in herbal medicine. Chip did try natural remedies too, but she was having anxiety attacks, so that deterred nature (actually, the synthetics too) from achieving success. Anyway, for rheumatism, she dissolved honey and apple cider vinegar in warm water. She has also been submerging the concerned muscles in warm water with sea salt (salt reduces swelling - this might have been for the arthritis part, which she also has in the mild form yet. Hard to avoid since she works with her hands.)
Okay, I'm off to dry the apple slices in the oven. If they don't get eaten up in one sitting (that can so happen), I'm including them in my trail mix.


lalab said...

Praying for her quick recovery. How about trying coconut juice? ( commonly known as buko juice ) When I was in the sales before i encountered a client with the same pain all over his body and it barely made him move a muscle. He tried drinking buko juice every morning and made it as his water. He recovered fast really. I don't know if it'll do the same with chip but there's no harm in trying anyway we haven't heard people getting allery reactions from the said fruit juice right?
Hope she feels better soon..

spinninglovelydays said...

Will try buko juice. Thanks, Lalab.:)