Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pictures from Sister's Sale

I believe you'll recognize some people from Marguerite's party. They did such a good job of livening up the party that we decided to rent them from the mental institution again. Just kidding again! Like I said before, these guys rock.

Okay, what's a mini dress and two layers of skirt, a black shawl my Mom crocheted for my sister, and a tray of matchboxes supposed to make me look like? Nobody could guess even if I did add streaks of eyeliner on my face for grime (not evident in photo). I had to tell them, "The Little Match Girl" and each one answered me with, "Ooh, that story made me cry so hard." Yes, you can obviously feel sorry for this hefty version of the match girl. Look at my arms and ribs just wasting away. Snort.

1_717060251l DSC_8746 - When weirdos wear black

The Early Birds. "We're gonna be late for the party!!!"

This is what happens when you come to the party late. Your Mulan costume remains in the closet and you borrow somebody else's witch's hat.

DSC_8769 DSC_8768 DSC_8767
This is what happens when you remove your kids costume pieces (so she'd be more comfy. They go back on for photo ops) and leave them lying around.

DSC_8765 DSC_8764 DSC_8760 DSC_8745
The "Sixth Sense Award" goes to these two for the uncanny ability to sniff out photo ops. They have more pics. More. You have no idea.

DSC_8763 DSC_8762 1_178080879l

DSC_8757 DSC_8752 1_841311187l 1_413856158l - This is what happens when you don't come in costume and then you learn about the freebie, so you insist on making a costume and dash to the nearest convenience store for green crepe paper for your alleged Peter Pan costume, pester your host for Scotch tape, remain at the back while you toil on your impromptu costume for ten hours with only a kid who insists on wearing a Billy Crawford costume to a Bedtime Tales Theme Party (only he calls it Robin Hood. Sometime he gives in and lets others slip a pillow up his shirt so he becomes Quasimodo - the 'Lunchback' of Notre Dame, according to him) for company while the rest of the people holler wisecracks at you through the separating curtain. And then about five seconds after completing the costume, donning it and posing for a pic, the crepe paper rips. The fact really is, your costume is best when you're not wearing one, lol. Just kidding!

This is what happens when you come in costume, your pic gets taken and then gets posted and poked fun at by bloggers:[p. To those whose pics aren't here, I'm still waiting for Lalab to upload pics from her camera. To those who want to see the bigger version of the pics, add me as a friend on Flickr. Dated pics are Chit's, btw (Thanks, Chit!).


Anonymous said...

hehehe...guilty..more pictures are coming! :) I really enjoyed the dressing up and commuting with princess was really a fun day and the spirit went all week...:) okay, okay the pics..hehehe

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, lalab. :)

Mindi said...

"The Lunchback of Notre Dame", teeheehee! That is so cute!

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maf said...

i really missed this one!
antonella should have been the little lady bug (quoting after Mark :=))
maybe next year! hopefully...