Wednesday, November 14, 2007

39 to Go to One Hundred; Random Stories about Marguerite

As soon as Dad turned 50, he started counting backwards to zero. If you ask him his age now, he'll tell you that he's 39. That is, 39 years short of a hundred. Last year, the congregation was very disappointed when they found out that he would be spending his 60th birthday in the States. That was just wrong. How were they going to make a big deal out of him officially turning into a senior citizen? Anyway, they more than made up for it this year. The church had the party last Sunday on the 11th. As usual, Tita Thelma was the Big Kahuna who ran the show. She's terrific for the job, although with that unfortunate tendency to play Martha (ditching worship service, heehee) when there's an occasion (slaving away in the kitchen, you know. I'll have you know that I am never Martha, even if not for the correct reasons. Um, please turn to the New Testament for reference, just in case you've been trying to understand the analogy).
Anyway, here are some scenes from the church party:

DSC_8862 DSC_8866 DSC_8843 DSC_8842 DSC_8837

This is why you should never join eating contests...

DSC_8850 DSC_8846 DSC_8857
Man in plaid gulps down whole hotdogs, eggs still in their shells, and polvorones still in foil wrapper. An example of how parlor games drive one to accomplish incredible feats. :-D

Allison and Chit, winning pair. Simple and sweet. Sway side to side, nothing flashy. DSC_8871
Bianca now has a dalandan permanently lodged in one eye socket.

This one just got uglier and uglier. People were begging them to give up.
DSC_8870 DSC_8873 DSC_8874

The birthday boy...

We have an awesome church with a wonderful congregation. Laughter is a big part of our community. The chapel itself leaves a lot to be desired, but it's an inspiration in itself. Sometimes, we refer to it as the oregano or chili plantation for the grounds are covered by the mentioned plants in wild proliferation (which the members individually harvest according to their weekly menu). Built by church members, the chapel has no walls. In the summer, we try to match the heat of our worship with the prevailing temperature. Come rainy season, we all skulk towards the center, shrieking gleefully as strong winds carry raindrops inwards. Anybody can come in to join in praise and fellowship. We're not fancy here. We all know each other, the young kids are active in ministry, and we've got an octogenarian (just a few years shy of ninety) who comes to church every Sunday and takes his ushering duties very seriously. I used to complain that there was nobody there on my wavelength, but church life isn't about that. It took many years for me to realize that it wasn't supposed to be about me. Now, I love it and am continually blessed by it. I just had to get over myself.


Marguerite has taken to playing with my Mom's accessories (rings, earrings, and brooches excluded, just bracelets and necklaces... choking hazard, very low; strangling, medium, but she's carefully watched). She recognizes the box where Mom keeps them and would scream the house down until you give it to her. She would play with the lot for a few minutes before she would then pick up one of Nana's pearl chokers and insist that somebody put it around her neck. Like a very small drunk, she would stagger around the house in an exhausting (for the watcher) parade, proudly displaying her pearls.
For some reason (like having a mother who watches it nonstop on Youtube and, okay, who may have taught it to her a little...), Marguerite has added "Fabulous" (HSM2) to her repertoire of action songs ("It's out with the old and in with the new..." It's totally an action song). It's right up there with the classic "Twinkle, twinkle..." and the Wiggles' "Hot Potato". In case you're curious, her first ever action song was "The Wheels on the Bus".
But do you want to know what gets a lot of "air time" around here? "The Name Game"! I sent her to sleep yesterday going through all the members of our clan (Grandpa, Grandpa, Bo Brandpa, Bananafanafo Frandpa, Fee Fie Mo Mrandpa... Grandpa!) and when I started to repeat myself, I segued to the things that are usually exposed to her (binky binky bo binky...). It's actually a pretty good vocab drill.


aunt chip said...

we almost won that winning contest but having jeff with us...we should have known better.

maf said...

indeed, it was so fun last sunday.
after the party, everybody just wanted to wear the angel's wings and had picture taking!
hahaha! even dodong illusioned himself as an angel!

Anonymous said...

korak! We had a blast during Pastor's birthday... They'll keep coming...I know..;)

spinninglovelydays said...

is that lalab?

Lalab said...

ay, sorry..yes, it's me..hehehe :)