Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sweetening up the Menu

Yay! Marguerite can now officially have honey. Yesterday, I made applesauce for her/us and I added a generous swirl of honey. Now, I know that it's preferable not to add too much flavor to food or kids will be partial to sweets or salt, but since I'm keeping away from white and brown sugars as what the regular homemade applesauce recipe I usually follow dictates, I feel that I'm still exercising considerable restraint. Hi, I'm me and I'm from Marikina and my food has to be extra pungent. Anyway, I just wanted to see how she would react to the addition and check if she has got a Mariqueño tongue on her. BTW, I had accidentally given her honey graham crackers (my Mom hadn't told me they were that kind and I hadn't known until I saw the package) before she reached 12 months and thankfully nothing happened. I usually check the ingredients' list on labels with much paranoia, but that one got past me. The thing is, going back to the honeyed applesauce, Marguerite treated it like she did the applesauce I used to make for her (thinned with water and nothing in it but cinnamon. You will find that I sprinkle cinnamon on a lot of things.), which was to eat it fine. I guess I was expecting her to exclaim "Eureka!" or something.
Something that I love to eat and have not had since becoming pregnant (simply because I was so averse to food then and afterwards I simply forgot) until yesterday was cucumber chips in apple cider vinegar (salt and pepper to taste, so, meaning in my case, sprinkled quite lavishly). I had two beautiful cucumbers (which had originally been for a tea party that didn't happen) so my Mom and I split them. I made my apple cider vinegar concoction and Mom said she would just eat hers raw dipped in some sort of salad dressing.
I'm off to whip up sweet potato pancakes (check out the vegetarian option of people food recipes in - I think I'm switching to the toddler version of the site soon though) before Marguerite wakes up.
All this talk about food when I really wanted to post about Marguerite's first pets ever. I keep on putting off taking their picture though, so some other time, that.
Also, this. We are so there! I'm so excited to meet other homeschoolers.


Meredith said...

Cucumber chips in vinegar! What a great snack!

Here in the South you often see a vinegar salad of sliced cucumber and onions, but I'd never thought about that taste combination as a snack.

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, meredith. most people would have it as a salad, but i love plopping down somewhere comfy with a bowl of the thing. the smell can peel paint off the walls though, lol.

tin said...

you made me crave for Cucumber and vinegar! hehe :)