Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogging = Moolah

Now that I’ve pretty much established this blog, another WAHM opportunity has become available to me. As I’ve hinted at, this gig directly involves blogging. What happens is that you get paid for writing an entry about a product or a site. I first learned about this paid-to-post option through one of the writers’ egroups I belong to.

Being a SAHM relying on freelance work, my contribution to the family finances is far from stable. I definitely welcome any legal means to have a more or less regular source of income. I’ve done promotional writeups in the past. I’m thinking this is just like that. The main difference lies in the fact that, not only am I the writer here, I’m also the publisher.

As a result of numerous consultations with writer friends who are already doing this and the ever reliable googling, I’ve decided to try out Blogsvertise first. It’s definitely one of the most established sites pertaining to this field.

Most of the companies that provide paid-to-blog work pay at least $5 for a writing assignment. For example, I’ve been told that Blogsvertise pays $6 - $10 for most posts. That’s not bad for 100 words or so.

The way it usually works is that you log in their system and you’ll find assignments appearing in your dashboard. You simply select the ones you wish to work on. In Blogsvertise's case, they also email you assignments, which is very nice for those who can’t go online several times a day. You are assured that work has been set aside for you.

If you have experience doing this kind of work, I would be very glad to receive advices or tips in the comments section. TIA.:)

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