Friday, September 7, 2007

WAHM Whammies

Okay, maybe I don't get to get out much, but when I decided to be an SAHM, did I really think I'd be sating my wanderlust? Thankfully, I'm not the kind of person that needs to be at the hub of all the action. I'm perfectly content to learn and grow at home. I love traveling, but the gypsy lifestyle lost its appeal to me sometime between that absolutely draining "ordeal" I went through from Charles de Gaulle to NAIA (I refuse to name the airline as I know better than to say, "I'm never flying via Air****** again!". Besides, they did upgrade me to first class that one time. The sad thing about it is that I hadn't even known until a traveling companion pointed it out to me.:-p Hmmm, gotta hone those observation skills!) and getting pregnant. Nowadays, I do like the weekly venture to somewhere other than the immediate vicinity of the house and that's enough to satisfy the itch to get away and see something else.
But the point of this post really has something to do with my not being able to blog lately on account of a paid writing assignment I had to finish as soon as possible (so I can get to the next one, and the one after the next, and the one after the one after the next...).
Husband's salary is more than enough for us. We live humbly and simply (the creative, imaginative kind of simple, I'd like to think) with the occasional treat, so we stay out of debt and meet our needs easily. When I quit my teaching job though, we had quite a sizable amount in our joint current account. However, we were slowly able to deplete that in the span of a year because the reality was we were already a single income family that's used to relying on two salaries. We were also investing on Husband's rather expensive hobby, which is gradually turning into a business, many thanks to God (btw, Husband's birthday is tomorrow and this is my gift to him. I'm not spoiling a surprise because he was the one who chose it.). Anyway, the account may not be empty, but I have certain standards about having money in the bank. When it reaches a certain point, it may still be more than enough for emergencies, nevertheless I start to get palpitations. Anyway, it's a good thing that SAHMs can also be WAHMs.
I've been blessed enough to have a somewhat regular client. I freelance as a writer and although this regular gig is not the kind of writing I prefer to do, it does a good job augmenting the family income. There were times in the past when I looked into other WAHM opportunities, just so I could quit technical writing, which I really do not enjoy, and focus on creative writing, which I love. In the beginning it was really exciting because reading about the different easy things I could go into, it really seemed like striking hidden gold. However, the life lesson about things that seem too good to be true really applies to most things, one continues to learn. It's a good thing I had enough common sense about jobs one needs to pay for or those that earn one money simply by recruitment.
Easy money is always suspicious. I did try those paid surveys as WAHM friends of mine have claimed to have, in fact, received payment, but not living in North America, this field could be pretty limited for me. There's a handful of companies that offer surveys internationally, but it has been months and the cents have not accumulated to the minimum pay-out amount. Let's not even go into those paid-to-click, paid-to-read, paid-to-search gigs. One site gives you a cent after a thousand clicks. There's one that pays a cent per click, but it had all of five sponsors for this program. It just seemed like a waste of time. How about stuffing envelopes? Hmm, you have to pay for a kit to do it and I read somewhere that it's an outright scam. You're promised to get paid for simply stuffing envelopes, but it's more complicated than that (it always is). It's another marketing ploy and you only get paid when the recipient of the envelopes you stuffed also agrees to get into envelope-stuffing. They just don't call it pyramids anymore. Then there are the term paper mills. I just can't hack it because it seems deceitful. I have no problems with ghostwriting, but most of the clients are students who are supposed to be learning through those assignments. My disapproval probably stems from being a former schoolteacher myself.
Anyway, again I look at the big picture and consider the possibility that those who are doing surveys and paid-to-click/search/read... might just be grateful to be able to do what I'm doing. Again, I am reminded to acknowledge a blessing for what it is and not complain about it. Most important of all, I have to learn to dismiss financial apprehensions because, really, when has God ever failed us? We tend to forget Him during abundant times that I have to recognize leaner times as opportunities for exercising faith and as a prelude to even more blessings. Honestly? There have been times when I was sorely tempted to delay tithing, but God is always teaching me that He has many ways to show me how faithful and how in control He is.
I know I'd always loved "Danny's Song" and it was played at our wedding reception, but really, we've never been in that situation. Money might be tighter, but the times, they remain to be good. So, here's to good times and living in God's grace!

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