Saturday, August 11, 2007

You Know You're a Mother...

...when you think that it's perfectly fine to post paragraphs upon paragraphs of your child's eating habits and that people would be interested to read them:

Marguerite has been a very picky eater lately. I have been rather frustrated about this as she started out really well in the solids department. She was rather late in cutting a tooth (until now she only has two at the bottom) and when she finally did start to teeth, her appetite hit a real low. Her milk intake remains on the high side and her growth is steady so her pediatrician is not worried. Her weight was in the 60th percentile and her height, in the 95th in her last well-baby (ten months) consultation, so there’s really no need to fuss about this. But.

Picture mealtimes and it’s really pretty hard not to get frustrated. There’s food wasted and she really does eat like a bird. I give her, say ten pieces of finger food, three would end up eaten and the rest, mangled and then dropped to the floor. Let’s not even get started on pureed or strained food. I would dish out the recommended amount for her age and she’d usually eat about a third of that. She’s the same with her juice and water intake. Her pedi advised four ounces of juice and eight of water daily, but she can’t consume more than 2.5 juice and 4 water. Again, I really shouldn’t worry. Husband and I were finicky eaters as babies as well (you should see us now!); there’s no big wonder our baby is the same.

Marguerite’s food preference also bewilders me. One day she’d love my steamed pears and the next act as though they’re poison. She always eats crackers, pasta and rice, still not a whole lot at any given time, but only if she’s given bits and pieces. It’s like feeding a parakeet. See? She literally eats like a bird. She’s usually not interested if you sit her down for an official meal, complete with her dish and spoon, but she really likes it when we share a bowl of organic rolled oats sprinkled with cinnamon (the same bowl, different spoons, plus she’s also holding another spoon that she drops about a hundred times per sitting). She would eat yoghurt if I had been enjoying it in the first place. Her own cup of the same yoghurt is yuck, judging from her face, but mine is delicious. She also likes for us to be eating toast together (plain, lightly buttered, or slathered with cinnamon-sprinkled cottage cheese). I do think it’s sweet that she likes us sharing food.

It’s also funny how she’s fascinated with big people food (in some cases, also known as food that's chock-full of chemicals) or stuff that isn’t food at all. I wonder how come carpet lint would go straight to her mouth, but a fruit cube would get hurled to the floor. Anyway, I want her diet to stay completely natural and meat-free for as long as possible, so this really means keeping my own diet the same. Her pedi (who also practices natural medicine) has given the go-signal on chicken and beef, but I really don’t want to give her meat yet. Marguerite would deign to eat tofu every now and then, but it’s not her favorite. She has tried an egg yolk mixed with rice and vegetable soup (sounds revolting?) exactly once, but she was not a great fan either.

I guess I’m trying to figure out a rhyme and reason to the entire thing so I could come up with feeding strategies, but right now it seems like it’s either I get lucky or not. Anyway, this is a trifling matter. She’s eating, she’s healthy, and this post probably bores the snap out of you.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of Marguerite eating a cracker:


Christianne said...

Hi! Got here through - no this post doesn't bore me at all :D my daughter is also a very picky eater at times, ugh. And I can't measure her milk intake because we're still breastfeeding. But she's healthy - gets sick only half as often as her classmates as daycare, even if they're far chubbier than her - so I'm content. Genetic nga siguro ang pagiging picky eater no?

spinninglovelydays said...

hi there, christianne. thanks for stopping by. i guess it could be genetic. when i read about other babies' food intake in my birth club, i tend to get worried (2 stage 2 jars, plus crackers or some other finger food, at a time - wow!). i just remind myself that dd is healthy despite her pickiness. :)

ps. can't get to your blog from clicking your name. :(