Thursday, August 16, 2007

Because He's Bigger Than The Big Picture

Whenever I feel an intense need to get out of where we are now simply because I’ve had the opportunity to momentarily step out of it and, with a comparing eye, view it propped next to everything that it lacks or simply is not, I quickly strong-arm my mind to switch to the bigger picture. Shame would then seemingly flow through me, washing away whatever inkling of self-pity, envy, frustration, etc. that might have started to burgeon from within. It is really rather mollifying to know that I can manifest strength of will when I choose to.

I’m not covetous, in the trite sense of the word. Even my worst enemy could not call me materialistic. Perhaps “transcendentalist” might be a bit ambitious for me, but I would like to think that I have enough depth of character to be beyond brands or to place possessions at the bottom of my priority list. I would not call myself an ascetic either as I do love regarding beauty and enjoying some of the finer things in life. For lack of a simpler way of putting it, I believe I’m just a healthy degree of needing and wanting.

My thoughts do veer in the direction of possessions every now and then, but I’m happy to say that I hold very little interest in the items of the times. My attitude towards trends is admittedly a bit scornful, but that’s mostly because of my anti-popular sentiments. The thing is, more often than not, I cherish an object because of sentimentality and not for its monetary worth. I cannot summon enough fondness for an iPod to make it compare with a tattered copy of “The Mad Scientists' Club” . As when I was a child, my primary material treasure remains to be my books. When it comes to things, I do prefer creativity, imagination, and the personal touch to store-bought perfection. It doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate store bought gifts. I simply recognize that there was more effort put into the former.

On the issue of wanting, I do sometimes feel discontent. We could be more stable financially, be in a place that’s more conducive to the lifestyle that we want, or generally just have a better setup. As I stated above, when my mind starts to whirr from the whines of dissatisfaction, all I have to do is to shift perspectives. The closer my viewing angle is to myself, the less objective I can be. There’s the urge to nitpick. When I look at the entirety, the image improves. After this, I can start including a backdrop of home, community, country, etc. As the picture gets bigger, I find more things to be thankful for. Long before I get to the universe, you will find that I have already given up. I cannot even begin to count the blessings I’ve received or the works God has done in my life and He’s not even remotely done. Once I’ve seen the big picture, I can go back to that close-up image and find huge blessings in the smallest details.


rinna said...

Hi Ivy,
You know, I do get those thoughts now and then but if I really think deep and hard, I come to the same conclusion as you. Even the richest people in the world still want more. It seems that with money, it's never enough. I just try to learn how to be happy with the present (though it's hard to do that some days).
My husband tells me something he thinks Sylvester Stallone said and it's something to the effect of, "if you can't be happy when you're poor, you can never be happy when you're rich".
Such wisdom nga naman from Rocky. :)

Andrea said...

Praise God for this nice entry it also made me ponder for a while. Thanks! :)

spinninglovelydays said...

thanks, rinna and andrea. :)

Christianne said...

Ay, I needed to read this. I've been lusting over real estate ads and imagining what it would be like to have a big yard that my daughter can run around in, and a house I can decorate to my liking. But we really don't need that - this little apartment is enough for us :)

And it's interesting that you mentioned iPods. I've amazed myself at my ability to resist buying one, but I need 100x the self-restraint to resist buying the iPhone! Dang that thing looks cool, hehe.

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, christianne. i guess we all go through moments of discontent, but what's good is that we know how to get over them.:)
when dh got his ipod (i have absolutely nothing to do with it), i did go, "you should have held out for an iphone" and he said, "that's like triple to five times the worth of an ipod!". oh well, i thought since he was already splurging anyway. turned out it was a gift, so i zipped it.:)

maf said...

i myself kinda relate to this post. sometimes i wish i could have traveled to various places when i was still single and younger! but on the second thought, i'm much happier and peaceful now -having been blessed with a promising career, supportive parents, loved ones and inlaws, true friends, sensible and funny hubby and a cutie and lovely baby Toni!
Praise to be to our great God who knows us deeply and yet loves us unconditionally! :=)