Saturday, August 11, 2007

¿Aprendamos español?

I'd love for Marguerite to grow up speaking Spanish. That's going to be a real challenge for me as I'm the only one here who speaks Spanish to her, and not even all the time, at that. I do set aside about an hour or so most days to read to her in Spanish (I have a number of children's books in Spanish, including a collection of leyendas - legends- and cuentos de hada - fairy tales.) and talk to her in Spanish with something Spanish going on in the background, like the TVE (Telemundo to some of you - and, no, not during telenovela hours), a Spanish DVD, or a Spanish CD. It's really just exposure, nothing structured. My DVDs and CDs are primarily for grown-ups though, so I comb the web for materials that are designed to cater to kids, particularly the younger set. While I have yet to order the items that I found, I turn to YouTube for canciones infantiles (children's songs) and Spanish kiddie video clips. I really like the ones posted by Enochmartin because most of them are the Spanish version of songs I learned in Sunday School, so I only need to learn the words and I won't have any trouble with the tune, not more than usual anyway. lol To all the moms out there who wish to have their kid/s learn Spanish, hope you like the video featured above, and

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Andrea said...

I love the song already! lol..
I tried singing along but I think my Spanish is history in the making! lol..Once is enough?! hahahaha... Thank you for posting this song..maybe you can use this on Midgy's'll be cool!

spinninglovelydays said...

hola, lalab. gracias por visitar mi blog. hasta luego.:)